How to Become The Next Big Music Star

Want to make it big as a musician? Stop by to get some tips on what it means to be a “music star”.

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There are so many people out there with musical talent that want to become music stars. Because of this, only a select few people actually make it in the industry. Few people make it organically; many people try to get discovered by joining music talent shows. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but there can be negative associations with certain shows. Many say that they are fixed. If you want to become a music star, it will take a lot of effort and time. Try the following things to make it big:

Work On Your Look And Music Style

If there’s one thing we can probably all agree on, music stars tend to have their own unique look. You can use many examples here: Michael Bublé has a very classic style to suit his voice. Tori Kelly’s style is girly and sweet, a lot like her voice. Then you have singers like Jessie J and Rihanna, who bring out lots of different tracks, and have a diverse fashion sense to match. By making sure your look is unique and matches your music style, you’ll look like a better package to those who may want to sign you. Make sure you don’t try to steal anybody else’s style; being original is key. Saying that, you still want to be true to yourself.

Another way to work on your music style is to take lessons. You may have been born with a naturally great voice, but there are always ways you can improve and perfect your technique. Taking a few lessons and making sure you practice regularly will help you to find your own ‘sound’.

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Make YouTube Videos

YouTube is huge, and a great way for you to share videos of yourself singing. Some pop stars have even been discovered this way – Justin Bieber, for one! This doesn’t mean you’ll become an online sensation overnight, but if you can make some amazing covers your own, or even put out some of your own songs, there’s a chance you could eventually go viral. Even if you don’t go viral, this is a good way to build up a loyal following!

Utilize Other Forms Of Social Media

Make sure you utilize other forms of social media too. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Spotify are all valuable in their own way. Make sure you can manage all of these accounts so that they don’t go stale. You can post videos, updates, news, tours, and all sorts of there.

Get An Agent And PR Agency

You need to market yourself if you’re going to spread the word of your talent. Getting an agent and a PR agency are the best ways to do this. You can get music pr from AMW Group or a similar company. Make sure you do your research on the best companies for you to work with individually.

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Find Somebody To Help Produce Your Music

You might sound incredible when it’s just you and your guitar, but that may not come across properly on your recordings if you don’t have somebody great to help you produce your music. It can cost to do this, so it might even be worth buying a few pieces of your own equipment so you can put together your songs at home.

Do Gigs

Make sure you’re available for gigs when you can be, whether they’re local or in other parts of the country. Traveling around like this can be tiresome, but it can help you to get your name out there and get fans in different cities. If you can perform at smaller festivals, that can also help! You can apply to perform at many of them, so start applying now and you might have some gigs booked ready for summer.

Join A Band

If you’re struggling alone, why not join a band? There are many bands out there looking for singers, and even just guitarists. You can find advertisements online or even on local notice boards, so keep an eye out.

As well as being patient and always improving, you should never lose hope. It’s possible for you to become a star later on in life if you have something special. The more you believe in yourself and your abilities, the more other people will believe in you too. If you give up, then maybe being a music star wasn’t for you in the first place. You could look into music producing, or do something else that allows you to work in the same industry.

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