Is Using Your Phone For Media Better Than TV?

We all love using our mobile devices all the time. But are they truly better for digesting media – like streaming movies and tv shows or listening to music – than say, a television?

Is Using Your Phone For Media Better Than TV? guest post drunk on pop

These days kids are more likely to be found Facetiming friends, uploading pictures to Instagram, and creating GIFs or memes to share on Facebook than watching TV. Gradually, technology is replacing the need for physical interaction but with more smartphones being sold than ever before, will we soon be bidding a fond farewell to the television?

You Can Surf The Net While Watching

Unlike television where you’re stuck doing only one activity – today’s multitasking, on-the-go teens need something that’ll let you do more. Smartphones, with their multi-window interface, are designed to let us browse the net while still leaving a music video open, albeit in a smaller screen, so we can see or listen to what’s going on without having to stop the action. The internet is now capable, by using intelligent algorithms, of telling us what we like, suggesting things for us to try, and informing of us of new products based on our browsing history.

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You Can Watch Anywhere

We bet you’re either reading this in bed, on the subway, in the office, while waiting for a friend or just chilling on the couch. Today, we like the freedom that cell phones give us. If you’re watching movies for such purposes, these apps are the best because we aren’t restricted to one room. We don’t need to wait until we get home to catch up on a show or switch on the radio to listen to the news. We have been given the gift of being able to stay connected while on the move. Last year, even London’s famous ‘no signal zone’ had Wi-Fi installed in countless stations which meant people could make phone calls, check emails and text while travelling.

Chat To Friends In Real Time

Apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Kik, will notify you when someone’s sent you a new message. You can hold entire conversations, send videos and even pictures without having to close any other apps. You don’t need to call them up – seriously who calls anyone anymore? You don’t even have to visit them in person to be able to see them, plus you can discuss what the plans for the weekend are while seamlessly shopping online for an awesome new outfit. Television might be able to stream YouTube videos, Netflix and the BBC iPlayer, but unless you’ve got a top of the range model we highly doubt you’re able to google, search and buy clothes while Anita’s telling you all about her amazing date.

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Watch What You Want

Remember when you were a kid and your parents controlled what you watched? Yes we weren’t too fond of it either, but now the world is your oyster. Anyone over thirteen, for some sites, and eighteen for others can watch a whole range of content without being restricted to boring things like days of the week, TV schedules and even show times. Missed an episode? Watch it online. Fancy trying something new? Watch original content from a bespoke media platform without annoying commercials. Unless you’ve got Tivo, you can’t rewind, fast forward or pause TV either. Mobile or device streaming lets you do all that and more and will even remember where you stopped watching for next time.

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