2017 Book Challenge

Hey guys! I’m going slow with my reading challenge this year. The goal is one book a month, plus a few extra. I’m only participating in the Goodreads challenge this year, but I’m really excited to get back into reading again. Hopefully things will go well and I’ll get back into the swing of things and join some extra reading challenges along the way!

*Click here to access my completed book list for these challenges*

2016 GoodReads Challenge:

goodreads 2016 book challenge drunk on pop

This is with the Goodreads annual reading challenge. Last year I challenged myself to read 30 books didn’t even come close to completing it. I only finished 9 books, which is an actual disaster. I feel like I’ve failed myself, but I also feel like I’ve failed you – my readers! So this year, I’m trying to get through at least 15 books! Click the image above to join the challenge with me!

I’m part of several groups on Goodreads, & sometimes they have their own reading challenges. If I participate in those, I will update this page with all information. Any books read for those challenges will count toward my total reading goal. You can click the link above to access a complete list of all my finished books to date.