Types of Online Gaming Every Gamer Should Try

Whether you’re a casual gamer or more hardcore, here are some of the best kinds of online gaming that everyone should be trying.

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Right now is the best time to be alive for gamers. Not only are the very best consoles changing the way we play but online games are continuing to make a splash too. For gamers, there are too many top games out there to try them all. But here are some of the types of online game all gamers should try, as well as some examples of the best games in each category.


There are many different types of simulation games. They involve taking control of something and running it within the context of the game. These could be hospitals, cities, theme parks or specific vehicles. The task of mastering the world of the game and keeping things running smoothly can be very satisfying, not to mention addictive. Because of the scope on offer, there are all kinds of options that you can try out. Pilot training simulations are quite common and a lot of fun. Some of the best free simulation games include Crisis Theory, in which you have to keep the economy running.

Live Multiplayer Card Games

There is something very entertaining about playing a card game against other in an online context. Poker can become even more fun and tense when you’re playing it online. You have to know how to play the hand you’ve been dealt without making a wrong move that might give your game away. There are plenty of sites out there that let you play every card and casino game in existence. If you want to play for money, you can use sites like Maria Casino. As long as you only spend what you can afford to and know when to stop, this can inject some more fun and risk into the games.

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Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games usually involve some sort of war or conflict. You can control one side, making strategic decisions and moves in order to overcome the enemy. These strategies can be very complex, and you have to think very carefully before making your next move. A wrong move could give the enemy an advantage, and that can lead to a loss. If you’re the kind of person that likes games such as chess, then this is the ideal online game for you. Online games like Dogs of War and Battle Nations have proven very popular with online gamers, so give them a try.

Complex Puzzle Games

For people who love nothing more than a complicated puzzle, there are plenty of games online to suit you. These games require intelligent thinking and an ability to persist even when a puzzle seems frustrating. Some of them are short puzzles where you simply have to unlock the problem once. Others are more complex and require you to move through many different layers until you eventually beat the game. The best one out there for people looking for a puzzle game with lots of layers is OddPawn. It has over 300 levels, and there is a different riddle to solve each time.

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