Music To Obsess Over: Big Greg’s You Can Have It All

Happy #MusicMonday! Check out Big Greg’s new song ‘You Can Have It All’ and find out why it’s the perfect end-of-summer music to obsess over

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I have to admit – I got distracted very early on in this blogging process because I started listening to You Can Have It All – the new single from Big Greg, an artist from Charlotte, NC with the indie label Manifest Music  – and I got SO DISTRACTED because his other songs started auto-playing right after and I was just bopping along and scrolling through Instagram like I wasn’t in the middle of something important.

You Can Have It All, which is the first single off Big Greg’s upcoming album #G4 (set to release in October 2016), and it’s a really easy-listening track. It has a nostalgic sound that I can’t really put my finger on. It just sounds really effortless and cool, and the production isn’t overdone, matching the song perfectly. You can listen to You Can Have It All below:

I swear, that hook is gonna be stuck in my head for months. There’s no denying that Big Greg has talent – from lyrical aptitude and delivery to the way the track flows. He has a great voice, and can also rap, which seems to be a rare thing these days. There’s a great mix of piano and computerized beats, and the song is the perfect example of #RelationshipGoals. It’s no surprise that he’s been making waves in Charlotte and winning awards, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing a lot more of him very soon.

You can get an even better sense of just how talented he is from his take on the So Gone Challenge.

Big Greg Biography:

big greg artist photo 2Big Greg debuted in 2010 with his “What’s It Gonna Be Like” mixtape while attending college. He was able to maintain a significant following during his tenure at the university. Greg would perform around campus during student activity events and anywhere in the city that permitted him. During college, Greg began to draw many comparisons to Drake because he could easily create lyrics in addition to singing on tracks as well. His first major single, “Like A Stripper“, received regional acclaim around the south, which lead to many tours. Greg first award came in 2015 as he won the Hip Hop artist of the year at the Charlotte Music Awards (CMA). Later that year, riding off his new single and performance from the CMA, Big Greg sealed a Hollywood Music in Media (HMMA) nomination for his new hit single “Like A Stripper“. As of June 2016, Greg won the Matador Green Energy Drink theme song contest.

You can connect with Big Greg on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you like what you hear, make sure you check out his videos on YouTube, too.

You can purchase You Can Have It All and Like A Stripper on iTunes and Google Play.

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