Music To Obsess Over: M.O’s Preach

Listen to M.O’s new song Preach and find out for yourselves why this is music to obsess over! *insert heart eyes emoji*

m.o girl group preach

Guys!!! I’m so excited about this Music To Obsess Over that it’s worth all the exclamation points! One of my favorite things about summer is listening to really fun, catchy, upbeat songs.

M.O is a three-piece girl group from the UK. Preach was co-written by the girls with Starsmith and Joel Compass. If you think they might sound familiar, they opened for Little Mix on their Salute Tour, but I won’t be surprised if they start headlining their own tours in a year or two! Preach is such a fun song, I never get tired of it. I constantly want to get up and dance around when it comes on, and they sound SO GOOD!! Take a look at their music video below:

I love how nostalgic the music video is. I get major 90s flashback feels when I listen to them. There isn’t any crazy effects or random scenes – just three girls killing it. It reminds me of like, 3LW or TLC in that it’s so effortless and cool.

Connect with M.O on their Website, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you keep an eye out for their album, which is supposed to drop some time this year!

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