Interview with Samantha Lien from Roger Charlie

Drunk On Pop has an interview with Roger Charlie’s Samantha Lien!

Hey guys! I’ve had the opportunity to do some blog tours with Samantha Lien in the past, and now that she’s started her own company, Roger Charlie, I wanted to take some time out to fill you guys in and get you all excited!

As posted on the official website:

Roger Charlie specializes in publicity and management for creative professionals – particularly musicians, small businesses and authors.

We value a personal approach through communications and specialize in promotions that both support and drive awareness to your brand. Let us devote our time and attention to this aspect of your business so you can stay focused on progressing your creative talents.

Come find us on social media for updates and exciting features on all of the individuals we represent and click on the photos below to find out more about our clients!

I’m so happy to be hosting an interview with Samantha! This is definitely one for those of you interested in PR, promotions, or publicity!

Hi Rae! Thank you so much for having me today! You sent over some great questions, and I’m looking forward to sharing a bit more about what I do with you and your readers.

samantha lien

1. What made you get into publicity for authors?

Funny story – but when I was just about finished with graduate degree in Business and Entertainment Management, I reached out to about 10 people who were in the entertainment industry. One of them was the publicist for my aunt’s book. They had just let someone go, and were looking for a replacement. After a few e-mails and a 45-minute phone call, I flew to New York City a week later to help with Book Expo America to help out with PR for some of their clients. The company was so wonderful, and it just felt like a good fit, so I was so lucky to have almost four years with them! The experience is definitely a big part of why I have continued on with literary publicity, in addition to expanding into music and small business, as well.

2. What made you want to start something like Roger Charlie?

I’ve been doing literary publicity for four years, and really enjoy the work – but I was looking to expand into PR for other passions of mine, to include music and small business. I’m a big supporter of both, so it just seemed like a natural progression! Three months in, and my client base is split pretty evenly between authors, musicians and creative professionals. I’m building even more relationships and really enjoying working with some new clients.

3. What inspired you to go to school for music and entertainment? As someone who has also gone to school for music business, I know that can bring a lot of judgement from people thinking it’s “not a real major” and that it will “be hard to get a job”.

I’ve been a huge fan of music since I was young, served on a lot of street teams for upcoming artists when I was in college (Howie Day, Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, John Mayer, Maroon 5), and always made sure my life involved music in some way or another.  My first job out of college was managing rehearsal studios for local musicians in Denver. I also wrote regular cover stories and features for a local music magazine in the area, and helped open a music venue – and all of that really got me socialized with musicians in town – which has been a huge benefit as I develop Roger Charlie.   Heck, I even married a lap steel player in an outlaw country band. 😉 Together, we actually manage a music project called Songs for Jake, where we (and our friends in music) create weekly videos with the mission of getting great tunes to a really big music lover. If you or someone you know wants to submit a video, you should go check out the website and see what it’s all about!

That’s so cool you’ve also gone to school for music. What are you hoping to do? You may have already found that it can be a competitive industry, but I think if you stay involved and continue to network with those already working in the field, it’s absolutely something you can! Most people who work in music does it for the love of the art, so they hold onto their jobs once they get them, but again, if you just stay on top of networking and keep an open mind on working within the challenges of the business. As long as you do that, you can definitely break into that job market.

4. How could someone get involved with RC? Either to help with promotions or seeking help with promotion?

Just get in touch! I love hearing from creatives, or people who are interested in helping to promote! You can find me all over social media (which I’ll list below), or just shoot me an e-mail:

5. What kind of qualities make you want to work with someone? When do you know it’s the right fit?

Serious passion, drive and commitment. I’m here because I want to support the growth of creative professionals. It’s difficult to shift back and forth from developing a craft to managing the business side of things – so when I see that an individual is serious about where they want to go with their brand, it creates a very clear picture of how I can help.

6. Do you consider online promotions to be the new “thing”? Is it more valuable than a traditional promotional tour out in the real world?

Not really, though it does seem like someone is always developing the next social media platform to connect people and spark conversation. I definitely think both are valuable though. In the end, a lot of the most valuable promotion is ‘word of mouth’ – which happens on the street  and through social media. There’s no one right formula – just finding the best fit for the particular brand you are promoting.

7. Networking is so important these days. Do you have any advice for people who are new to networking, or that find networking difficult?

Great question, because believe it or not, I’m one of those people! I am super outgoing, and I love meeting new people, but if I don’t balance my time right, I definitely burn out quickly. I think it’s just important to know your limits, and only schedule what you can handle.

Take for example this week – I have had 6 meetings and networking events – which is a lot (and definitely not my norm), but I know that just means I’ll need some extra time to myself this weekend for walking, or just to binge watch something on Netflix this weekend. 🙂  I think it’s important to recharge and take time for yourself so you can keep that positive attitude going. Some people are super extroverted and bounce back quickly, and others may only be able to handle 1 event a week. Either way, I think it’s workable – you just have to know yourself well enough to set realistic boundaries.

8. What do you tell yourself to stay motivated when it gets hard?

In regards to receiving little to bad response on a project, I generally make myself get up from my desk to go for a walk, and just take a break! When it’s hard, it’s usually because I’m focusing too much on something, and obsessing unnecessarily. It always seems the minute I stop thinking about it – the thing I was worried about magically comes through. It’s almost like the universe says, “Congratulations! You took the hint to stop being so hard on yourself – here is your reward!”

9. If you could have dinner with any three fictional people, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?

Oh my gosh… That is a tough question! ! Fictional?! Let’s see…

jay gatsby leonardi dicaprio great gatsbyJay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby) Does he really need an explanation? I mean… wow, what a man. ❤  He’d probably even foot the bill.

atticus finch to kill a mockingbirdAtticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) – I must have a thing for these old-fashioned men with a bit of that dry humor. He had strong morals and convictions, and I appreciate his wisdom.. Plus, his name is Atticus, and he called his daughter Scout! Awesome.  He would probably offer me some sound legal advice and guidance on some important life choices.

lorlei gilmore phoebe buffay friends gilmore girlsLorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) OR Phoebe Buffay (Friends) Ok, totally make fun of me for this, but in one of my recent “binge watching” phases, I completed both the full seasons of Gilmore Girls and Friends. Ultimately, both characters are pretty different, but kind of play the same type of character. They have fun with life, don’t take things too seriously, present fun conversation topics, and stand their ground really admirably when faced with a tough situation. They’d also both totally have your back if someone screwed you over.  Both are ladies I’d be proud to have at my dinner table. 🙂

I think I’d need a bigger table though.. There are just way too many to name…

10. Do you have a preference between promoting music or authors?

You know, I don’t. It really all goes back to the project, the individual, and the passion behind it. If it’s there, I’m generally pretty excited to see what cool ideas we can think up to promote them!

Thank you again for hosting me, Rae!

Connect With Samantha: Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Google+ | Spotify | MeetUp | Youtube

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Make sure you check out Roger Charlie’s official website!

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