Music To Obsess Over: Marianas Trench

Why Marianas Trench is one of the better pop-rock bands out there, plus how their new song Pop 101 is a total parody of generic pop music – and super catchy.

marianas trench pop 101 music video review drunk on pop

A few years ago a friend of mine had me listen to Marianas Trench, a pop-rock band from Canada that formed in 2001. I completely devoured their album Ever After, particularly the songs Desperate Measures and Porcelain. This is a band that I highly recommend you take some time out of your day to listen to. I don’t think I’ve met a person yet that has listened to the album and full and hasn’t had a great time rocking out to at least one song. In fact, Desperate Measures was the soundtrack to a road trip home from Miami one night with two friends. We just kept playing it over and over again and playing Steering Wheel Drums and Milk Carton maracas and singing over and over again. To this day, whenever I hear the song I need to stop what I’m doing and let it take over my soul. Hell, it’s so good I’m going to drop the music video here, though it has nothing to do with why I’m blogging about them today.

A year ago, maybe a little bit longer now, I was able to see them perform live in Orlando at the House of Blues and I was completely blown away. I’ve had the honor of seeing a LOT of bands and artists live and I can absolutely say with no shadow of a doubt that Marianas Trench put on one of the best shows of them all. Easily in the top 5, somewhere along Ed Sheeran, and Lady Gaga. Because to me, putting on a good show isn’t just about getting on a stage and singing your songs. It’s about putting on a real performance. All of their songs go together when listened to in the album, and when I saw them live they had video intros for almost every song. It was telling a story and they were high energy and all about crowd participation and I loved it.

A few months ago they put out the lyric video for their new song Pop 101. I had been busy with moving and life, though, so I put it off for a few months. Today I was going through my Watch Later list on Youtube and saw it. I’m so glad I did. The song is a complete parody of what most mainstream pop music is today. From how the songs are structured, to how they’re sung and even what the lyrics say. For those of you that might not be aware, pop music is so catchy because it is essentially all the same thing. There is a science to crafting the perfect pop song. Some people hate pop music for that alone. Others, like me, choose to embrace the madness for what it is. Sometimes pop music is just so catchy and happy and makes you want to dance and puts you in a good mood. And since music is subjective and I like what I like, I no longer scoff at the genre. That’s kind of what makes Pop 101 so great. Because as a lover of pop music, and someone who went to school for music business, I know all about the ridiculous fluff that goes into a pop song but I can’t help but still like it. That’s what Pop 101 is essentially. The song is catchy as hell, and it’s funny, and it makes you think about the kind of music being played on the radio right this second. Take a look at the lyric video and hear for yourself.

There was a song on the Dude Where’s My Car? soundtrack that was a 90s pop parody that had lyrics like, “I’m afraid of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, I don’t know what to think A-oooooooh!” The song went on to talk about how pop stars have tanning beds on their tour buses and how they’re all generic and cardboard. The song was still catchy though, and I remember singing it with my cousin for an entire summer. We were both devastated when my CD broke in half, and to this day I haven’t been able to find it on the Internet. Pop 101 reminds me of that song and why I loved it so much. It was giving me the opportunity to laugh at the generic pop music that my ears just couldn’t help but like anyway. Even bands that have come out and are seemingly “non-pop” actually still are. Their music has been crafted a certain way so that it is perfect for the radio and catchy enough that it will get stuck in your head long enough for you to Google them or request it on your drive home from work. Someone on Youtube put it really well:

marianas trench pop 101 youtube review

Take a look at the actual music video below (which is also a parody of pop music videos, but I feel is too distracting to get the full meaning behind the lyrics) and let us know what you think of Pop 101!

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