An Insider’s Guide on Relationships by Roxanne J. Derhodge

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About The Book:

A Therapist Insider’s Guide is an Amazon Bestseller!

an insider's guide to relationships by Roxanne Derhodge Relationships are complex and challenging, they are also vitally important to our sense of well-being. This book will guide you through a deep personal exploration of your life’s relationships. Breaking out of the mold of traditional therapist protocol, expert therapist Roxanne Derhodge delves into her own past relationships to show how you can heal from the past the same way she did.

Using her own experiences as an example and drawing on years of professional expertise as a counsellor, she explains how you can decipher your template for relationships and decide which aspects are in line with what you value and which are not. Through a step-by-step process you will learn how to create fulfilling and positive relationships that will enhance your life in every way.

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About The Author:

Roxanne J. Derhodge author bioRoxanne Derhodge is a therapist who previously worked with the Metro Toronto Police assisting crime victims, headed an Addictions Unit with the Niagara Health System, and was involved in corporate consulting. She has specialized in areas including managing anxiety/depression, domestic violence and divorce. Experienced in working with both adults and children, Derhodge employs a wide variety of treatment approaches. An engaging presenter with warmth and an uncanny ability to read people, she is passionate about helping people live their lives to the fullest.

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