John Legend premieres one ’empowering’ new music video

John Legend’s music video for his new song ‘You & I (Nobody In The World)’ is all about female empowerment

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Well guys, John Legend just set the stakes pretty high. On July 10th the singer premiered the music video for his song You & I (Nobody in the World) off of his new album Love in the Future. The video is all about female empowerment and stars his wife, Chrissy Teigan, along with Tatyana Ali and Laverne Cox, from Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. While there are some celebrity faces, the core message is about females embracing their natural beauty. That our “flaws” should not be seen as such, and I’m slow-clapping everyone involved.

Among the clips shown is a beautiful teenager with down syndrome, a woman showing off her baldness from chemotherapy, and another woman revealing her mastectomy scars. As E! News puts it, “Teaming up with director Mishka Kornai, the Grammy award-winner captures close-ups of diverse women from every age, ethnicity, shape and size looking into the camera through a one-way mirror, and therefore, looking at the viewer while looking at themselves.” You can check out the video below, and there is a good possibility it will make you tear up.

There was also a companion documentary shot to go along with the music video. The documentary is called When I Look in the Mirror, and it will showcase the stories of each of the women featured in the video. The goal is to rase awareness and increase engagement in the #OperationGirl Charity Challenge. This challenge is a six-week long campaign on CrowdRise and is a partnership between John Legend, RYOT and Burkle Global Initiative. According to MStarz, “The Charity Challenge will see different charities competing with one another to raise money for this cause. The different organization will participate in the tasks to win prizes that total over $100,000 […] The Challenge is a concerted response to the violence, oppression and inequality women and girls suffer every day all over the world.”

What do you think of John Legend’s  new music video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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