Review: Protostar by Braxton A. Cosby (Book #1 of The Star-Crossed Saga)

Protostar, Book #1 of The Star-Crossed Saga by Braxton A. Cosby, is a science fiction novel for YA fans. Rating: 3.5/5

*This is book #9/28 for my 2014 book challenge. You can take a look at the reading challenge here.

On the brink of Civil War, the Torrian Alliance continues with its mission to obliterate Star-children across the universe in order to suppress an intergalactic evil. Following the recommendations of his Council, King Gregorio Derry has agreed to send his only son William, on a mission to restore honor to his family. What starts out routine, becomes a lot more complicated as an inopportune crash landing delays the assassination. During this time, William begins to form a ‘connection’ with Sydney that challenges his inner being. But this conflict is the least of his problems, as a conspiracy back on his home planet Fabricius threatens the lives of those he loves and his father’s royal legacy. Along with that, he must unravel a hidden threat here on Earth that seeks to secure a vested interest that threatens both his and Sydney’s safety. Will William be able to complete his mission or will he choose love, sacrificing everything he stands for?

I’m going to start out by saying that Protostar is written incredibly well, and Braxton A. Cosby does a wonderful job of writing a story with multiple narrative perspectives. My review is a little bit skewed, however, because science fiction is not my genre of choice. The story has a lot to do with space and the beginning had a lot of technical type descriptions and dialogue that both bored me and made no sense to me. However Cosby writes with incredible description, enough so that it is very easy to picture everything as it happens. While the story didn’t really appeal to me, I feel like science fiction fans will be very pleased with the book.

Aside from writing well, Cosby also created a really intriguing space world that I am sure will only become more intricate and interesting with the next Star-Crossed Saga books. There is also, literally, a star-crossed lovers aspect to the story that will probably appeal to many YA readers. The main character, Sydney, reminded me of the literary Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries series. At most times she, and her relationships, seemed very superficial. The romance was just starting to get interesting when it then became too cliché for me. As a preference, I like there to be a romance where I can ship the two characters and I root for them and I want them to fight together for a greater purpose, readers-favorite-award-winner-gold-medal-drunk-on-pop-protostar-braxton-a-cosbybut I don’t want them giving each other googley eyes and playing the “no you hang up first” kind of schtick.

Protostar is the Readers Favorite Book of the Year Award for the Romance: Fantasy-Sci-Fi category

Rating: drunk-on-pop-3-and-a-half-rating-book-review

If you’re interested in reading my GoodReads updates from this book you can do so here. I must say, they’re quite entertaining. It will tell you exactly what I was thinking on certain pages.

Note: I received a free ebook version of this book through The b00k r3vi3w tour to write an honest review. All opinions held within this review are my own thoughts and feelings and do not reflect upon anyone else.

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