In The Studio with My Crazy Girlfriend

My Crazy Girlfriend stopped by XL 106.7’s studio in Orlando to perform their new single, Crazy Stupid Love.


I got to spend some time with My Crazy Girlfriend in the XL 106.7 studios today, and I wanted to share their music with you all! They did two acoustic performances, their new single Crazy Stupid Love and a cover of The Neighborhood’s Sweater Weather (which you can hear 6 secs of in this Vine), and answered some questions with XL’s Rose, . I didn’t know too much about the group before today, but I’ve had Crazy Stupid Love stuck in my head all day! As soon as I left the studio I went and bought both of their songs on iTunes, and I recommend you all do the same thing.

My Crazy Girlfriend is made up of twins, Justyn and Bennett, and their friends Cosmo and Myah Marie. The group effortlessly blends pop and hip-hop AND they write and produce their own music. The group recently got signed to Capitol Records, and while there’s no set release date for the album right now, they’re looking at the end of summer. To find out more information about My Crazy Girlfriend, click here.

Check out My Crazy Girlfriend’s music video for their single Crazy Stupid Love below and make sure you click here to buy it on iTunes!

You can also get their song Go F**k Yourself from iTunes by clicking here, and you can see their lyric video below.

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Here’s a picture of me and my friend Zach with My Crazy Girlfriend:Rae-Quigley-My-Crazy-Girlfriend-Artist-Lounge

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