Favorite Songs of 2013 – Plus a New Years Eve playlist!

With 2013 coming to a close, it’s time to celebrate with a Drunk On Pop playlist. Cheers!

goodbye 2013

This year has been crazy! I don’t know where the time has gone, I don’t know what my life has been, and I still don’t understand why twerking was so popular. (Side note: my computer has red squigly lined the word twerking, so at least the word isn’t in my Mac’s dictionary yet.) One thing I am very pleased with is the music of this year. While what was being played on the radio wasn’t necessarily music I enjoyed, It was good to hear something different push its way through the mediocre.

However, since I didn’t necessarily like everything on the radio, I put together a playlist of just some of my favorite songs of 2013.  You can stream the playlist on Spotify below.

I also put together some New Years Eve songs. That are, literally, about New Years Eve. Though to be honest, I’ll probably just be listening to Will 2K for the rest of the night.


On a side note, I completely failed at my 2013 reading challenge, and that breaks my heart. You can see what progress I was able to make by clicking here. This year I’ll be making my reading challenge just 2 books a month (plus a few extra), for a total of 28 books. That way it’l feel better once I surpass my goal! Good game plan.

I hope you all have a fabulous night, and an even more fabulous 2014! Let’s hope next year doesn’t go by as fast as this one. Cheers!

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