LEAKED: Ed Sheeran’s audition for The Notebook

While Ed Sheeran might not have gotten the gig, at least we can all enjoy his audition tape….

Well, it’s a good thing Ed Sheeran doesn’t have plans of quitting his day job. Miami radio station Y100 was able to get Ed to do a monologue from the hit Nicholas Sparks movie ‘The Notebook‘ and…. well, it’s hilarious. He was joined by Lance Bass, reading as Rachel McAdams. You can watch his failed audition here:

I like how he starts rapping it in an America accent. How very aggressive of the Ginger Jesus. We’ll just have to let Ryan Gosling stick to wooing us with his acting, and Ed can continue wooing us with his voice….. and guitar….. and lyrical masterpieces. Tsunami tides in your eyes? Really? Are you trying to give me a heart attack? And poor Lance Bass. Looked like he was really giving the role the ol’ boy band try.

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