Kim Kardashian gets ‘vampire facelift’

Reality star, Kim Kardashian, will try anything once. Gross.

I shit you not people, this is absolutely real life, and it is disgusting. Gross gross gross. Kim Kardashian will try anything once if it means keeping her face photo-ready, but she’s really crossed the line this time. This Sunday on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami we got to watch Kim receive a $1,500 Vampire Facial. Yeah…. it’s as bad as it sounds. Basically, they take actual blood from your arm, spin it around in a machine that looks like a CD player, and then inject it into your face. Take a look at the video below while I take a puke break:

I cannot. I can’t. There are no words. This is disgusting and wrong and it makes no sense to me. You already have the blood inside you…. I….. omg. I’m 1000000% done with this.


What do you guys think? Something you’d be willing to do? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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