Charges against ‘Avatar’ star Sam Worthington dropped

‘Avatar’ star Sam Worthington arrested for fighting at a club, but the charges were later dropped after the club’s bouncer failed to show up at court.


Wow, what a mug shot! ‘Avatar’ star Sam Worthington was arrested November 3rd in Atlanta for disorderly conduct after allegedly pushing a club’s doorman, Jerry LinkSam had attempted to get into the club but was denied access because he appeared to be intoxicated and didn’t have adequate identification on him. Then, allegedly of course, he pushed Jerry, the doorman, which led Jerry to pepper spray him and cuff him until the police arrived. Apparently he then claimed to be a DEA agent while laying, cuffed, on the ground. Rough life dude…. you only play a DEA agent in the movie Ten. Talk about life reflecting art…. or vice versa.

He was only in trouble for a short time, though, as charges were dropped today, November 5th, when Jerry failed to appear in court. He claims, of course, that no one told him the court date. I mean, if you were planning on pressing charges wouldn’t you work a little harder to make sure you knew when it was? Though, it does seem like the court date came pretty fast. Apparently there’s surveillance video of the incident, but the video hasn’t been released.

I’m pretty sure that I believe the entire incident went down, especially since Sam is currently filming Ten in Atlanta and playing a DEA agent. It’s kind of pathetic how this entire situation got all blown out of proportion. Did the bouncer really need to press charges over a push (or two)? I mean, you pepper sprayed the guy and he got arrested. Deena and Snooki get arrested for public intoxication and nothing really comes from it. We’ll file this story under, “Oopsie”.

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