Lil Wayne released from hospital after health scare

Earlier this week the private jet Lil Wayne was flying on had to make an emergency landing after the rapper was reportedly having seizures during flight. He has been released from a Texas hospital and ordered to bed rest.

There have been some mixed signals on how Lil Wayne has been lately. Some are reporting that the rapper had a seizure during his private flight and the plane had to make an emergency landing in Texas, where he was rushed to a local hospital. Some say that a second plane had to make an emergency landing in Louisiana where Weezy suffered from another seizure. A rep for Wayne took to MTV News to say that he “simply suffered from a severe migraine and dehydration”. Even though sites like TMZ are saying that there were definitely two emergency landings, both of which for seizures, Wayne’s people insist that the reports have been blown out of proportion and that  he is fine. They went on to say that he is currently on bed rest and trying to recover from his migraine.

I’m glad to hear that Wayne has been released from the hospital and seems to be doing well. Hopefully he makes a quick recovery, and there’s no underlying health problems. Seizures are no joke, and if that really is what was going on, he’s very lucky that he had such a great pilot that was able to make a safe landing in a short enough period of time that they were able to get him to the hospital quickly.

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