The Hunger Games’ third book, Mockingjay, to be made into two movies

Lionsgate is following the footsteps of other franchise movies Harry Potter and Twilight by turning Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay into two separate movies.


Elizabeth Banks confirmed on her website today that not only will Mockingjay be turned into two movies like Harry Potter and Twilight did before it, but she also confirmed that Danny Strong from Buffy The Vampire Slayer will be writing both films. I wonder how Lionsgate feels about her confirming this, since they haven’t made an official announcement themselves yet. I can’t imagine they’d be too pleased, though everyone has been talking about Mockingjay being made into two movies, well, since before the first one. I don’t know how Danny is as a writer, but I loved him on Buffy, so I’m intrigued as to how this will all work out. I’m praying and hoping with all my might that he works with Suzanne Collins like the writers did with the first movie.

Catching Fire is due out November of 2013, and the first installment of Mockingjay will be out November of 2014. Then, the second installment of Mockingjay will be out November of 2015. I, personally, think this was a bad idea. Twilight lost a lot of momentum surrounding both Breaking Dawn movies because they spaced them out too much. Yeah, tons of people still went to go see them, but it was really a matter of going because we felt like we had to. Twi-hards grew up and moved on to something new – The Hunger Games. Here’s the problem with spacing out Mockingjay, it’s inevitable that the hype will have died down over the next three years. That will only be hurried with new franchises like The Mortal Instruments, Divergent and Beautiful Creatures also being made into movies in the near future. (Beautiful Creatures comes out in February of 2013, and The Mortal Instruments is slated for August of 2013). They really should follow in Harry Potter’s footsteps and release the second installment only 6 months after the first. This way people are still super excited and on the edge of their seats regarding the cliffhanger and all that.

I completely support the decision to have Mockingjay made into two movies. There’s a lot of action going on throughout the majority of the book, and I would hate to have important details of one of my favorite books get knocked out of the movie for time reasons. With that said, I also think that Catching Fire should be made into two movies. For those of you who haven’t read the books, and don’t want to be spoiled, skip ahead and read after the next picture. The second book of the trilogy has, in my opinion, even more action than the third. There’s tons of stuff regarding the story happening in the first half of Catching Fire, like Gale getting beaten publicly, and a lot going on to emphasize the triangle (which Lionsgate is really going to push to have in the film). Then they get reaped again, go back into the arena, blah blah blah. I think Catching Fire should end right after they find out they’re getting reaped again (possibly after the reaping ceremony) and then part two should start up again after that. It’d increase the timing for the franchise, make them more money, all that other stuff that is important to big wigs in the movie industry. But what do I know?

Danny has won multiple Emmys, for both of his miniseries Recount and Game Change. So I’m sure that we can trust him as writer for Mockingjay. I have a lot of confidence in the cast and the crew so far, and I don’t think that they’ll do anything to alter the books that would upset loyal fans. I’m sure we’ll hear more about all of this once Lionsgate makes their official announcement. When that’ll be, who knows.

Catching Fire comes out November of 2013, and filming is currently underway.

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