So, gossip blogs. How’s it feel to be played by Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber posted on Twitter a few days ago that his personal computer and camera were stolen, and gossip blogs were salivating over the potential of incriminating videos and pictures. Well, jokes on them. Biebs made it all up.

Well, I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Not only did Justin Bieber pull off a flawless promotional idea, but he also pulled one over on gossip blogs around the world, and for that I have to applaud him. A few days ago Justin tweeted that he had his personal computer and camera stolen at one of his concerts, and Beliebers around the world got pissed. A twitter account popped up claiming to have footage of Bieber in compromising situations, and gossip blogs salivated over the possibility of a juicy story. The twitter account kept posting that at noon on Friday (October 12) the footage would be released, and stories started popping up left and right. Will there be nude pictures? Secret pictures of him and his girlfriend Selena Gomez? Pictures of drinking, drugs? Turns out it was just one big giant prank by Justin as build up to the music video of his new single Beauty and the Beat featuring Nicki Minaj. Brilliant.

Justin pretty much fooled the entire world. His fans were getting pissed off and tweeting terrible things to the “thief”. Bloggers were going crazy waiting for this “secret footage”. He had everyone all up in a tizzy about what was going to happen, when really it was just his music video. I’m glad someone was finally able to turn it all around on reporters. Kudos to him. He also went on to tweet links to pretty much every single blog about the situation. Way to put them on lock, kid.

So then the video comes into play. Like I said, not a big Bieber fan, but  do have to say that this new album of his isn’t all that bad. Plus, I love me some Nicki MinajJustin directed the video, and it was honestly kind of flawless. The way he tied it in to the prank was brilliant, and it was just a great video idea to begin with. The whole thing looks like so much fun, not just to film, but to watch too. While Justin doesn’t need to create a stir to get people talking about his video, he did, and I’m sure that it reached people outside of his fan base. Also, it was strange watching him and Nicki grind, and stranger yet I was kind of all about it. This is going to be one of those videos that wins tons of awards at the MTV VMAs next year, I’m calling it right now.

Good job Bieber, good job!

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